OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL

In CSS, we’ve been encoding colors with rgb() or hex (mostly for historical reasons). However, the new CSS Color 4 specification adds many better ways of declaring colors in CSS. Of these, oklch() is the most interesting one—this article explains why.

Open-source tools for content authenticity and provenance

Integrate secure provenance signals into your site, app, or service using open-source tools developed by the Content Authenticity Initiative. Join the ecosystem of transparency of provenance and attribution of digital content to counter the rise of misinformation.

Unprecedented visibility into how your spaces work

Leverage deep-learning sensors to power a more effective workplace. Beyond simple observation, VergeSense sensors gather a range of people, organizational, and environmental data to drive the most cutting-edge businesses forward.

The Power Dynamic of an Email

The receiver might have a totally different idea in their head about what the power dynamic is.

It’s a bit of game, isn’t it?

Creativity at the Speed of Your Imagination

Can a machine make a masterpiece? Can artificial intelligence be creative? And how will AI-generated content impact real-life designers, artists, and photographers? As technology advances, the world is trying to answer these questions.

Programming Portals

Small, scoped areas within a graphical interface that allow users to read and write simple programmes

Homepage history: Apple.com

Let’s look at over 25 years of Apple.com homepages and see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

Are WordPress Product Businesses Undervalued?

As we’re working towards starting a guild and in advisory conversations with product company founders, a recurring topic is valuation. What’s a WordPress product business worth?