What is PropTech

Everyone is talking about it, so what is PropTech?

Proptech, or property technology, is a broad category of products and services focused on making the process of buying, selling, and managing real estate more efficient and convenient. This can involve anything from online portals that allow for paperless transactions to mobile apps that help renters find and secure apartments.


While proptech is a relatively new term, the concept itself is not all that new.

In fact, many of the most popular proptech solutions were developed in response to the housing crisis of the early 2000s, when it became clear that traditional methods of doing business in the real estate industry were no longer adequate.

In the years since then, proptech has continued to evolve and grow in popularity, with new innovations being introduced all the time.


There are a number of different factors driving the proptech boom.

One is simply the ever-growing role that technology plays in our lives.

As we become more accustomed to using digital solutions for other aspects of our lives, it only makes sense that we would want to use them for something as important as managing real estate or buying and selling a home.

Another factor is the increasing affordability of proptech solutions.

In many cases, these products and services can actually save users money by streamlining processes and eliminating middlemen. This makes them an attractive option for everyone from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors.