How to pick the right stock photos for your commercial real estate website

1. Consider your audience: When choosing stock photos for your commercial real estate website, you should consider who your target audience is. Different photos will appeal to different audiences, so make sure the photos you choose accurately reflect the demographic you are targeting.

2. Choose photos that are appropriate for your brand: It’s important to choose stock photos that are consistent with your brand. Think about the message you are trying to convey and make sure the photos you select reflect that message.

3. Select photos that are high-quality: The photos you select should be of high quality. Poor-quality images can have a negative impact on your website’s overall appearance.

4. Avoid cliché stock photos: Stock photos should be used to complement your content and not be the focus. Cliché stock photos, such as generic office scenes, can be easily recognized and can make your website look generic.

5. Think outside the box: When selecting stock photos, think outside the box. Consider using abstract photos, or photos with a unique perspective, to give your website a unique look.

6. Consider using custom photography: If possible, consider using custom photography to make your website stand out.