About Luke


A seasoned professional with a rich blend of marketing, technology, and real estate experience. Demonstrates a strong passion for visual arts, supplemented with extensive knowledge in various coding languages and design tools. Has a track record of managing successful marketing campaigns and leading startups, coupled with a deep-rooted background in the real estate industry.


Marketing Director, Chicago Real Estate Resources (CRER)
Feb 2016 – Present

Overseeing all marketing campaigns for the company
Developing and implementing strategies to boost brand awareness and generate leads
Managing social media content and presence
Collaborating with design teams to create compelling marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and presentations

Founder, ChiStockImages
Dec 2019 – Present

Founded and grew ChiStockImages, a startup providing high-quality stock images
Devised and implemented marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and drive sales
Oversaw customer service, invoicing, and payment operations
Collaborated with photographers to compile and curate image collections

Marketing Director & Realtor, Real Estate Industry
2004 – Present

Assisted clients in buying and selling residential properties in the Greater Chicago Area
Devised and executed marketing strategies to enhance property exposure
Negotiated deals between buyers and sellers
Conducted market research to furnish clients with pertinent information
Transitioned into the role of Marketing Director, bringing a wealth of industry-specific experience and knowledge


Proficient in managing marketing campaigns and social media
Experienced in photography and use of design tools
Skilled in coding languages including PHP, Python, JavaScript, and knowledge of database management
Strong foundation in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
Extensive experience in the real estate industry, from realtor to marketing director