I am a multi-faceted professional with a diverse skill set, spanning across various creative and technical domains. My journey began as an art instructor for an Italian plaster and fresco manufacturer, where I honed my teaching and artistic skills. This foundation paved the way for my transition into the real estate industry, where I worked as a realtor from 2004 to 2011.

After my stint as a realtor, I shifted gears to freelance creative work within the real estate sector. This transition allowed me to merge my passion for art and photography with my professional endeavors. I am currently the marketing director at a commercial real estate company in Chicago, where I lead a small but dynamic marketing department. My extensive experience in the industry informs my innovative approach to marketing and business development.

In addition to my role in real estate, I am the founder of several startups, including Chistockimages.com. This stock photography platform uniquely focuses on covering every community area and neighborhood in Chicago. My entrepreneurial spirit drives me to constantly seek new website ideas, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and downloadable digital products.

My passion for urban exploring and photography dates back to 2009. Equipped with an iPhone and using the original Instagram, I began documenting various industrial and historic sites. This passion continues to inspire my work, blending my love for exploration with my artistic pursuits.

As a full stack developer, I am proficient in PHP and JavaScript, with a particular focus on custom WordPress development. My technical skills complement my creative endeavors, enabling me to build and manage robust online platforms.

With a rich background in art, real estate, and technology, I leverage my experiences to create innovative ideas for online revenue and influence growth. My goal is to continuously evolve and expand my skill set, exploring new opportunities in the digital landscape while maintaining a strong connection to my artistic roots.