Luke Krzysztofiak

Architectural and Street Photographer, Designer, & Full Stack Developer | Founder of ChiStockImages | Marketing Director at CRER

Sophie Miller


Chicago Generalist

My journey includes roles as an instructor for Italian plaster and fresco, and starting in 2004 as a Realtor, experiences that enrich my approach to digital innovation and photography.

Beginning with urban exploration in 2009, I have a longstanding passion for capturing and transforming everyday scenes into remarkable visuals. Today, I leverage these skills to drive growth and creativity.



Explore my professional journey, where each role and project has shaped my expertise in photography, design, and technology, leading to impactful positions and innovative ventures.

CRER Marketing Director

2016 to Current

Leading the marketing department, I've steered our strategy through the digital age, leveraging cutting-edge tools and creative approaches to significantly enhance our market presence and client engagement.

ChiStockImages Founder

2019 to Current

Founded ChiStockImages to provide comprehensive visual coverage of every Chicago community and neighborhood, blending my passion for photography with a mission to offer authentic, local imagery.


2011 to 2018

As a freelance expert, I specialized in branding for real estate, employing my artistic skills and industry knowledge to create distinctive, effective marketing materials that elevated client profiles and property visibility.


2004 to 2011

During my tenure as a realtor, I leveraged deep market insights and strong negotiation skills to help clients navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties, achieving successful outcomes and building lasting relationships.

Art Instructor

2000 to 2004

As an art instructor for an Italian plaster and fresco manufacturer, I taught techniques and applications of traditional and modern finishes, inspiring creativity and precision in every artist's work.

Painter and Faux Finisher

1997 to 2006

During high school and beyond, I worked as a painter and faux finisher, mastering the art of decorative painting techniques that transform plain spaces into visual storytelling canvases.

Graffiti Artist

1994 to Current

Since my teenage years, I have expressed myself as a graffiti artist, evolving my style to fuse street art with digital media, continuously exploring new techniques to leave a vibrant mark on both urban and digital landscapes.



Discover the projects that have defined my career, showcasing my expertise in photography, design, and technology. Each initiative has contributed to my professional growth, leading to significant roles and groundbreaking ventures.


SAAS Established 2019

ChiStockImages is a platform conceived from the necessity for authentic, Chicago-inspired content.


SAAS Established 2024

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